Saturday, October 1, 2011

The Number One Threat to my Blog

BEARS!  The bears are threatening my recreational writing career.  They use their psychic bear power (with a slight mix of their razor sharp death claws) to prevent me from keeping up on my blog.  You can tell by this picture that this bear has malicious stop-Angela-from-writing intentions by the way he causally sniffs a dead tree pretending he has no idea who I am. 

Or it could be that I've gotten lazy.  Or that I had about 500 pages of reading to do for class last week.  I normally don't have THAT much, but classes are keeping me pretty busy.  The messed up part is I only have two of them.  If I only had 2 undergrad classes, I could write a novel in my spare time, but instead I'm trying to fill a couple paragraphs of blog after a month of school. 

John and I did have a fun summer.  We saw a lot of bears as evidenced by this picture of a bear.  One of them came right up to John and introduced himself.  Or he might have been pissed off because he was trying to catch a baby dear and he was distracted by a giant man on the side of the building. 

There was also lots of campfires.  Lots..... of campfires.  But those aren't very exciting to talk about.  Here's more bears. 

Exhibit A
Exhibit B
Exhibit C
Exhibit D (Exhibit C's twin.... or the same bear)
Exhibit.... oh wait, that's my boyfriend