Friday, June 24, 2011

Not falling off the face of the earth.... yet

Forgive me readers for I have slacked.  It has been 14 days since my last blog.  I accuse myself of the following negligence. 

I've noticed that the dates between blog posts is getting progressively longer and longer.  I'm not sure why this is, but I have a sneaking suspicion that I'm loosing the ability to amuse myself.  Or perhaps my abilities have just fallen asleep from boredom.  Although a couple days ago I felt totally inspired to write something that I deem unfit for posting.  I wrote it anyway.  Then I felt sad that I had a creative burst of talent and nothing to show for it.  Then I started writing this post.... two days ago.  The opening sentence originally stated that it had been 12 days since my last post.  With each passing hour, my offense became greater and greater. 

In my defense, I'm on these antibiotics right now (which I started on Wednesday) that make me feel consistently slightly nauseous.  It kinda feels like when you're just starting to get sick and you know it's going to get worse, but it never does.  Sometimes I can ignore it, but it's always there.  However, two days ago when I started writing, I wasn't aware of this side effect and all I knew was that I felt sick and didn't feel like writing anymore.  It was yesterday morning when it suddenly dawned on me that it was the pills I'm taking. 

On a completely unrelated note (because I just decided this post isn't completely random enough), I applied for this job a few days ago that would be basically me proof-reading stuff.  Along with my application and resume, I was required to submit a writing sample to prove how absolutely amazing I am at mastering the english language.  I selected an essay question I wrote for Ethics class which only had one error in it.  I hope they don't hold that against me.  Just kidding.  I corrected and re-saved it before I submitted it for their review.  I pray to God this job allows me to use spell check because I just had to correct at least 3 words that were underlined in red including "reviewal" which, when marked, I realized wasn't even a word. 

On a tangential note, wouldn't it be great if there was a job that involved making up words?  I think I'd be pretty great at that.  We don't have enough words; we need more. 

I don't have a good picture for this post.  I don't know if I could even imagine what image I could possibly display.  I guess I could put a picture of my medication, but that would just be depressing.  Perhaps a picture of me in a Catholic confessional.  If only I had one of those.  I've never even been inside one so I'm certain that picture doesn't even exist.  I mean, it could if I could locate some kind of Photoshop master.... WHICH I TOTALLY AM!  But that might take me another 14 days to put together.  Probably not going to happen. 


Friday, June 10, 2011

Return of the Angela Trap

Yesterday John and I decided that in lieu of a stroll around the park (which we try to do everyday it's not pouring and/ or freezing) we were going to grab a blanket and go lay down under a shady tree in the central grassy area of the park.  So before we even make it to the park, I spotted a cat walking on the other side of the street a few house lengths ahead of us.  We watched as the cat patiently waited for traffic and then cautiously crossed the street.  She then proceeded to head into the park until she made it to the far side (and we conveniently headed in the same direction until we caught up with her). 

It was at this point when the cat became aware of our presence and seemed to be slowing down to allow an interaction when the question arose of whether this was the same feline of the previously documented Angela Trap.  After we were able to pet this kitty for a bit, we decided that in fact it was.  This was a chronic Angela Trap that probably made her way to the park on every sunny day to hang out in the dirt and hunt some unsuspecting birds.  We have frequently been spotting some delicious looking quail and while it would most likely be illegal for us to kill and eat one, no one is going to blame a cat for doing so. 

Even so, the adorable Angela Trap did not take advantage of the succulent quail on our watch.  Instead she found her way over to our blanket after we had settled down (conveniently close to where she had stopped) to take advantage of our abundant pets.  And since we had come to the park with the intent of laying around anyway, I was able to pet her as much as I wanted without John looking at me impatiently. 

We ended up hanging out on our blanket for about an hour and a half and during that time the Angela Trap spent her time going from laying under a tree to coming back for pets.  She presented the perfect opportunity for us to take pictures of her so that I might post them on my blog, but I had previously complained about John bringing his phone to the park (and hence the camera) and I somehow managed to end up with one of the few boyfriends who actually listens to me.  I guess the best solution would be for me to bring my phone/ camera because I'm never tempted to text while I'm walking.  That way if I am correct in thinking this cat is in the daily habit of hanging out at the park, I will eventually obtain a picture of her.  In the meantime, here is a visual approximation of what she looks like. 

Charlotte doing her best Trap impression

This is actually Charlotte, our lovable long time stray from Georgetown.  Trap is skinner than Charlotte with no white on her. 

Anywhozers, we decided that if we were going to be seeing this cat a lot, she needed a name.  To achieve this, we simply dropped the "Angela" from "Angela Trap" and simply named her Trap.  Real pics coming soon.  Hopefully. 


Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Master of EVERYTHING (that interests me)

The other night I was on my way home from my weekly meeting/ bible study at Old Soul, driving down the freeway (previously my sworn enemy) and I started thinking about my imminent return to higher education this fall.  For some reason driving anywhere for longer than 2 minutes by myself sparks the contemplative centers in my mind.  Probably because it's quiet and there's no one to interrupt me.  Also I think there's just something about driving down a road that triggers a symbolic image of my future and were I'm going.  Of course with that logic, I should have had plenty of time to plan my entire future when I lived in Georgetown when it took 30 minutes to get anywhere.  But I digress. 

So on this particular 15 minute drive, I was thinking about all the different majors I had previously considered and where those would have taken me.  I then had a revelation.  I want to do EVERYTHING.  I wish I could just spend 10 years or so in school and learn every subject I want and eventually be a multi-subject expert.  Then I could be a professor that teaches five different subjects and/or be a more dynamic writer that can speak on a wide range of subjects. 

Alas, it's not really practical to spend that much time in school before starting a career.  However, I hope to have the opportunity to continue learning these things throughout my life, if only as a hobby.  Then by the end of my life, I will be a Religion/ Philosophy/ Psychology/ Graphic Design/ Digital Arts/ English/ Theater/ Baking expert.  Perhaps I can roll them all into one and come up with some new discipline that other students would then study as a major in college.  That way I could live off the patent rights.  I'm fairly certain it doesn't work that way, but it sounded good. 

I'll let everyone know how this works out. 

This is how my brain will organize all that information