Saturday, January 28, 2012


She thinks that because she's white I can't see her.  I CAN TOTALLY SEE YOU OLIVE!  IT'S SUPER OBVIOUS WHERE YOU ARE!  Also, why do you look intoxicated?  Have you been sneaking into my chocolate wine?  DON'T YOU KNOW CHOCOLATE IS BAD FOR CATS?!!! 

Olive sleeping on a bag

You're failing at this, kitten!  I can see where you are.  It's so obvious.  Almost too obvious.  Almost like she's not even there....

I just previewed this post and there's a huge space at the top.  I'm not sure why it's there.  I don't really care to fix it either.  I totally could if I wanted to cause I'm super tech savvy but I'm not gonna. 

UPDATE:  Apparently this is a point of confusion.  There's no actual cat in the second picture.  It's an empty bag.  

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