Monday, May 16, 2011


Was there something I'm supposed to be doing right now?
This is the reason it took me a whole week to post a blog.  Every time I would think "Hey, I'm gonna write a blog post!" for some reason directly following that thought was "But first, I'm gonna play this game!"  I think the logic centers in my brain thought playing this game would somehow stimulate my thought processes and cause me to be a better writer.  However, after countless episodes of me deciding to write and then never quite making it to blogger, I started to realize that this premise was false. 

Instead, I believe what happened is that every time I started playing this game, the colorful disappearing magic balls wiped all thought out of my brain.  It's like they have some kind of hypnotic hold over me which they harness with their colorful arrangements and magical disappearing sounds.  I'm not even being cute about that last magical reference; they really do use the same sound effect that always accompanies magical wands in Disney movies. 

I've actually gotten pretty good at this game.  I can pass the first four levels with little to no problem, but whenever I get to the dreaded purple level, I run into issues.  I have passed it twice though and that was cause for celebration.  Then I realize the cost of achieving excellence in a game with no consequence (not blogging) and I die a little inside. 

I'd like to say that blogger being down for an entire day put a dent in my productivity, but really that was only one day and I could have written my post in word pad and saved it to post later.  In fact, that's how I used to write all my blog posts until I got lazy because blogger saves my drafts every few seconds without me even doing anything so I have become less paranoid about losing my material. 

That being said, I believe I have come up with a solution.  When I decide that I am going to blog, I shall forbid myself from playing until after I have finished.  In that way, it will become a reward instead of a distraction.  In case you're wondering, I have not mentioned the name of the game on purpose because A) I don't want to hear any immature giggles and B) I hope to save you from this addiction.  I know it would probably take you like 2 seconds of research to find out.  Do yourself a favor, just leave this one alone. 

Me about to loose the dreaded purple level


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