Sunday, May 8, 2011

Sometimes I forget which fingers are mine

Same picture, different post
I assure you, this is not the same post as last time with me bragging for an entire post about how awesome I am at typing.  I just want to talk specifically about this picture which was taken in the spring of 2008.  I had completely forgotten the context behind this picture, as I often do what with my less than stellar memory. 

It dawned on me while I was examining this photograph last week, those are not my fingers.  I wanted to offer this picture up as evidence of me typing on my computer, but it suddenly became clear to me that there is no way those could be my hands in the reflection. 

Evidence #1 - The website depicted here is Gaia, a veritable "what the hell am I doing on this website while I could be doing something much more exciting like watching grass grow" of the internet.  I probably spent a whole 10 seconds on that website, which makes it extremely unlikely that someone would have gathered photo-evidence of that short visit. 

Evidence #2 - Those fingers are just a tad longer and skinner than mine. 

Evidence #3 - I'm the only person who resided in that dorm room who would have taken a picture like that and there is physically no way I could have both taken the picture AND posed for it.  I mean, unless I was magic of course, but the jury's still out on that one.  We will have to assume for the sake of science that I am not magic because science can't prove that I'm magic. 

So, with those 3 pieces of hard evidence, the only person it could have been is Kris.  To demonstrate how awesome I am at something, I used a picture of someone else doing it.  Let me assure you, this does not in any way make me less awesome at it.  It simply means that during the time it takes to write one post, I temporary forgot what my fingers look like, the fact that I hate Gaia, and that I am not scientifically proven to be magic. 

If you're still wondering what Kris was doing on my laptop in the first place, you're in luck!  I remember that as well.  See, Kris lived in the top bunk-bed which, in a standard sized room, was closer to the ceiling than anything else.  She also lived on her computer so she spent a great deal of time on the bunk-bed while also on her laptop.  It's pretty obvious to see where this is going and, yes, she dropped it.  The computer got angry and stopped working so I allowed her to spend quality Gaia related time on my computer while hers was out of commission. 

So THAT is the complete story about how that picture came into existence.  It's a pretty long story about one snapshot, but you know me, I could write a novel about every picture on my computer and there is a lot of them. 


PS - Happy Mother's Day.  I love you, Mom.  You made me into a functional human being and I am grateful. 

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