Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Day Eight: My Conscience

I've discovered that writing something everyday, however short it may be, is pretty difficult.  Unlike merely avoiding a particular food or activity, I have to make a conscience decision every day to sit in front of my computer, think of a topic, and write some words about it.

Today I really didn't want to write.  I've been in somewhat of a bad mood ever since I woke up this morning.  I was preoccupied with filling out an application while talking to a very important friend.  I had put my computer away and was prepared to relax with John for the rest of the evening when I remembered I hadn't posted today.  My bad mood took over and I was overly upset with my predicament.  I really wanted to stick to this commitment I made, but I was feeling completely uninspired and unwilling to sit in front of my computer again.

Then my conscience stepped in.  His name is John.  He took it upon himself to assume the role of pushy accountability partner (of which Kris fulfilled yesterday) a position that I had filled for him only yesterday when he really wanted to break his lent promise of not going out to eat.  Like any good girlfriend, I guilt tripped him out of it and he has kept his lent promise.

So today he made me keep mine.  He used his superior reasoning skills to convince me I needed to do this and then suggested I use this current situation to write about.  He then proceeded to lift me up into the superman position a few times, which is scary as hell.  I don't understand why babies enjoy it so much.  Or kids for that matter.  Perhaps their enjoyment comes before they have an appropriate fear of gravity. 

So, this post is brought to you by John.... and probably a few other posts down the road.


Figure 1: My Conscience

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