Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Day Twentyone: Pluffy

There is a substance, pliable in nature and very lightweight.  It is called "Pluffy".  Not only is it amazingly fun to say, but it is also extremely entertaining to play with pluffy.

Pluffy came into my life earlier today when John brought home a bag from Michaels.  Inside was pluffy and a few wooden rods for his model making.  He used pluffy to cover his white roundish dome that he's putting on his model for a class he's taking.  Since pluffy is so amazingly flexible, he had to bake pluffy to harden it and keep it from sliding off the top of the dome.

However, I have discovered that the true purpose for pluffy is not in academic aid, but to provide people (specifically me) with hours of pluffy related happiness.  I managed to obtain this piece of pluffy (pictured in ball form below) for just this purpose.  It is currently fulfilling its true life purpose of filling me with pluffy joy. 


It is my hope that others will soon understand the joy of pluffy.  Pluffy joy is the greatest joy in ALL THE WORLD!  But OUT of this world, the best joy is black hole joy.  That's the kind of joy where you get squeezed to death by a dead star.  There's nothing like it. 


1 comment:

Fruit Loops said...

Pluffy and Bubble Wrap. You must explore this epic combination. For science! For beauty! For all that's good in the world! For INSANITY!

And because I don't do Michaels after that one time. And that other time. And well, you know. >.>