Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Day Twentytwo: ♥ Cats

Rosey seen here after playing her tour in Nashville
I'd like to introduce you to my baby, aka Rosey.  Rosey was my faithful companion for years starting when I was about 3 years old until I was 20.  I believe it is partly because of her that I am what is known as a "cat person" although I'm fairly certain that cat people are born, not made. 

Rosey and I went through some pretty crazy times together.  She was always there for me whenever I was sad or lonely and I was always there for her when she was wandering around the yard and I would stalk her to see where she was going.  She always knew that I was there, and would often stop what she was doing to turn around and say hi to me.  She was the sweetest cat in the whole world.  I assure you I am being completely unbiased.  I'm certain that if we came up with a scientific measure for sweetness, she would pass every cat on the planet by a mile.  Unfortunately, no such measurement system exists, so you'll just have to take my word for it. 

It's been almost 4 years since my baby died.  Since then, I have discovered that cats are like crack to me.  Whenever I see one, I have a mini over excitement heart attack.  Their cuteness fills my soul with joy.  It's even better than pluffy joy, which I know I said yesterday was the greatest joy in the world, but I lied.  Kitty joy is the best joy in the world. 


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