Saturday, March 19, 2011

Day Eleven: Greenville

I've been thinking a lot about Greenville lately.  I was imagining what it was like just to be there, walking around campus.  The first day I was in the town of Greenville, it was late summer and there was a very distinctive smell of moisture and old wood.  I've never smelled anything quite like it anywhere else.  Of course, it only smells that way during the humid months of the year, but whenever I smell anything close to that, it reminds me of Greenville. 

It's sad to think that I might never see my college dorm, Hoiles, again.  Of course I plan on visiting in the future, but if I wait too long, it will be torn down. 

What is it about places that cause us to have such strong feelings about them?  It's like certain places hold this magical power that just makes us feel peaceful and calm.  I felt that way the moment I got there.  Perhaps it was all the old buildings.  They just feel strong and genuine.  They have their own personality.  To tear down Hoiles is like tearing down a person.  I mean, it's had a long happy life filled with families and college students, but it's still sad.  I love that house. 


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