Sunday, March 27, 2011

Day Nineteen: Famous

Lately I've started to feel a little bit famous.  I mentioned this to Beat a few days ago and I had wanted to quote our conversation, but I came to find out that my chat logging is turned off so that conversation is lost.  So instead, here is my biased recollection of what exactly was approximately said....

Me: I feel famous

Beat: You should

Me: I don't think I can handle that responsibility


Me: Don't famous people have to know everything?

Beat: Only if you're in U2 or Green Day.  Even then you only have to think you know everything.  

Me: I guess I can do that.  I have lots of fake knowledge. 

I feel famous every time someone new tells me they read my blog.  I mean, they're all people that I know but I just feel this sense of responsibility when I think about who's going to be reading it.  I always think of people who write as being experts or someone who has something unique to say to the world.  It makes me wonder if I really have something new to offer or maybe I have a unique way of saying old things. 

When I was younger, probably early high-school, I wanted to be a writer but this was before I had many experiences or practice so I thought I wasn't very good at it.  I put writing aside as a hobby and began my search for a more practical career.  I guess I felt like I would never have the talent to write things that anyone would pay attention to. 

I realize now that I could be a writer.  All I really need to do is practice.  I've had a lot of interesting experiences in my life.  I've gone through, and continue going through, a journey of self-discovery.  I think that makes me qualified. 

So here's to feeling warm and fuzzy.... and famous. 


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