Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Day Fifteen: Pickles

For today's post, I decided to select a picture from my computer and talk about it.  This picture (possibly the worse one taken of me EVER) is of me and Kris eating pickles.  Don't worry, I obtained her permission before using it.  Although she didn't realize until after she agreed what picture I was talking about, but our verbal contract is binding! 

This picture was taken shortly after Kris had gone on a long rant about how I take pictures of nothing and then have a long story that accompanies each one.  For example, I took a picture of my shoes looking disheveled which included a story about how a crazy Polish woman tried to force me to put my shoes on and then chased me around the building because she wanted me to hike Alta Peak with her and a bunch of people. 

Kris claimed that my pictures had barely anything to do with the story (totally not true) but for some reason that inspired us to take a picture of us eating pickles and accompany it with an epic unrelated title.  However, by the time I had transferred the picture to my computer and put it on facebook, both of us had completely forgotten what the story behind this picture was supposed to be.

So, here's what we have left.  A random picture of us eating pickles and a memory of a forgotten epic title.  It's a tribute to our quirky insanity and our collectively crappy memory. 


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Anonymous said...

I agree I think this might be the WORST pic of you I have good story though. Its sad I am so bored I acctually look forward to your blog and have even read some of your other ones.