Saturday, March 12, 2011

Day Four: Slinky

The Slinky is the most amazing thing created ever.  The sole purpose of the slinky is to make the human race happy.  It's almost as if God looked down one day, saw that we were unhappy, and then created slinkies.  Not only is the slinky an amazingly fun object, it is also a very effective thinking tool.  Whenever I can't think, I play with the slinky for about two seconds and then practically throw it across the room in my attempt to merely set it down quickly and begin typing.  It's like there's a whole universe of ideas hidden among its many tightly wrapped coils. 

If only I could use the raw creative power of the slinky to do something truly amazing like fix the economy, create an almost magical like energy source, or even create a type of alcohol that gets you drunk but will never make you sick (bachelor parties would never be the same).  But instead I am using the pure metal awesomeness of the slinky to come up with words to put on the internet.  These words aren't even that inspiring either.  The most good they will do is to inspire some hopeful to go out and buy a slinky to inspire them to do something amazing and within 10 minutes of playing with it will discover how full of crap I am.  That is because the slinky does not work the same for all people.  It's kind of like that hidden door in Harry Potter, different things for different people.  The slinky will be what you need it to be. 

I guess that means we don't need a good economy or an alcohol that doesn't make you sick because the slinky would have inspired someone to create it by now.  Or perhaps I'm just giving the slinky too much credit.... but I doubt it. 


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