Sunday, March 13, 2011

Day Five: With a Little Help From My Friend

Today I turned to a friend to help me write my blog post.  For easy identity purposes I shall refer to him as Beat, although in real life his name is Chris (one of the five million or so that I know).  So a lot of this blog post will reference Beat's fine wisdom and suggestions about how I should conduct my literary energy.  I didn't feel like writing anything when I sat down at my computer today.  I spent a lot of energy this morning fighting to not go to church after I lost an hour last night.  After fighting so hard to stay home so that I could sleep, I didn't actually go back to sleep until about 5 in the afternoon and whenever I take a nap that late in the day, I often feel useless for hours afterward.  The combination of morning Angela mixed with 7pm Angela does not make for a pleasant combination.  My inner self wants to be grumpy and annoyed because I just woke up, but my conscious mind realizes that this is not the time of day I'm supposed to be mean to people. 

Anyway, I turned to my friend Beat for help.  Here are some excerpts from our conversation.

Okay well obviously you need to write something.  Something awesome.  
First of all, you need to link me to your blog so I can tell you how awesome your words are   and bookmark it for future awesome words

I did.

First of all you should eat more Ice Cream because Ice cream is so tasty
Secondly you should write about Me because I once rocked so hard a man died. 
Thirdly you shouldn't do that because that was a lie
 Forthly you should go here 
Because we are back in action motherfuckers

Number five must have been deemed unfit for human consumption because it does not appear on this list, our original conversation, or even in the imagination of Beat himself.  Number six was a question as to the most important activity I did today which I have already discussed in the opening paragraph of this blog.  And this is when the conversation gets (more) interesting. 

Also write about lasers 
And why they're always red
Like straberries    
Just fucking post this chatlog and put your comments on it. 
Like Indent the chatlog so people know they're reading a chatlog and then like, 
don't indent your added comments like "I don't know what the fuck Beat thinks he's talking about here"/ 
Because clearly he has no clue.

Obviously I didn't master the indent function, but I have highlighted Beat's text for easy reference.  So, lasers are red like strawberries.  I doubt very much that it is a coincidence that they are the same color.  It is more likely that both are on the exact same frequency of awesome and therefore must occupy the same wavelength in the light spectrum.   They are awesome in wildly different ways (strawberries are tasty and lasers are deadly) but the amount of awesomeness is exactly equal to each other.  This does not mean all things red are as awesome as strawberries and lasers.  That is a truly silly idea to consider.  It's perfectly logical, but logic is not something belongs on the wavelength of red awesomeness.  

So, after stating my intention to Beat to use his idea of writing about our idea making conversation, I told him he was very helpful.  This was his reply.

Everything I do helps everybody forever.
I once helped a man so hard he was reduced to a smoldering crater.

I told him I was quoting him, he said it was cool, I began my blog, and then he disappeared into the wide internet oblivion.  Probably off to help some other poor soul who doesn't feel like writing but has promised themselves they would.  I'm sure there are plenty such creatures wandering around the internet. 

I dedicate this post to Beat: the helper of creative minds. 


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