Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Day One: Professing Ambition

I have been in the habit for a number of years now of participating in the season of lent.  I guess you can say it's a tradition that I inherited from my parents but I have found value in it and thus continued practicing on my own.  I have always given up things for lent such as the internet (very difficult), television, and sweets. 

I have decided this year that I am going to try the positive approach to lent instead.  I have created this blog and it is my intention to write in it every day for 40 days. My writing might not always be profound or even religious, but it is my goal to put something on a page daily that is coherent enough to share with the online community.  I am hoping with this exercise I can stay in the habit of writing and perhaps even be inspired to write more.  I know that I have the spirit (and sometimes the skill) of a writer and I need to focus my energy and good intentions into something tangible. 

Also for lent, I plan on reading the psalms daily and spending more time in prayer.  Sometimes I forget the value of prayer and it falls out of my routine so I'm hoping this will help integrate prayer into my life more fully. 

These are my goals.  Hopefully this leads to something good. 


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