Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Day Fourteen: Payback

So I believe I've mentioned a few times about a certain someone who has kept me honest in my daily writing of this blog.  Today I re-payed the favor... and paid dearly. 

It started innocent enough.  John suggested that we go to Hooters because we were going to be at the mall and we could call Kayla (for some reason, hanging out with Kayla and Hooters has become synonymous).  Of course, he often suggests that we go out to eat and I just say no without thinking because he gave it up for lent.  For some reason today was different from every other day when he just gives me the sad lip and then goes into the kitchen and makes a sandwich or something.  Today he threw a hissy fit.  It was pretty amusing to watch actually.  He started shouting things like "Jesus would understand!" and "Why am I doing this anyway!  I'm not even Catholic!"

So after the tantrum subsided, we left for the mall.  I thought the fight was over, but apparently he thought I would be easier to convince once I was out of the house.  To sum up the rest of the evening, it was pretty much an endless cycle of this...

Me: No....

John: *sigh* I hate you.  I love you.  I'm sorry, I'll stop whining... 
(whining begins 5 minutes later)

Now you might be thinking this blog post is payback to John for whining about lent all day but it's not.  He's actually the one who suggested I write about this, probably as a form of semi-self-inflicted punishment to make up for him being difficult.  Thank God he's not addicted to crack.  I wouldn't have a moments peace. 


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