Friday, March 11, 2011

Day Three: Fiction

I discovered something while I was writing yesterday.  I really prefer writing fiction.  I mean its so much easier to write about things that aren't actually going on.  That way when people are reading them and thinking their thoughts about what your saying, its not really about you.  If they don't like something that you wrote about, its easier not to take it personally if there none of you as a person in it.

Besides there's so much more to write about if its fiction.  There's only so much you can say about yourself.  I can only write about so many experiences I've had or things I've done or even thoughts that I've had, but if you venture into the realm of fiction, the possibilities are endless.  Did I ever travel to a distant planet and start a war with a race of nine legged spiders?  No, but I wrote about it.  I created that situation in my head and them put it down on a figurative paper.  I made those spiders a real threat to life on our home planet.

I only have so much profoundness inside of me but I can make things up all day long.  I don't, but if I was determined enough, I probably could.  So that's why I prefer fiction and that's why this blog will probably end up being at least 90% fiction.  So don't get confused and think I personally prevented intergalactic war.  Not to say I couldn't do it, but it never actually happened.


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Fruit Loops said...

I dunno, there was that time with the spork of doom...