Thursday, April 21, 2011

Day Fourtyfour: Babies

Today I pulled myself away from watching adorable kitties to take a walk in the park with John.  We ended up on the bridge, as we often do, that overlooks a river/ waterway/ junkyard (not really sure what it is/ is used for but there's trash in it).  There's a shopping cart that someone dumped in the water that we always visit but it was gone today.  The water was the lowest I've ever seen it so I know it wasn't covered like the last time I thought it was gone.  Even though it was trash, it was kind of sad. 

There was also a duck swimming around with her crowd of baby ducks.  They were so adorable, I asked John if we could keep one.  He said no.  I have no idea why.  I mean who could possibly say no to chasing after a duckling in trash-infested muddy water so that we can bring it home.  What kind of heartless person doesn't want a baby duck?  So I settled for going home and watching baby kitties play on my computer. 

This made me realize: baby anythings are adorable.  When have you ever seen a baby something and thought it was ugly?  That's right, never.  I don't think it's possible.  Babies are natures way of making sure the animals are cared for because no one would take care of a baby that wasn't cute.  They're loud, annoying, time-consuming, messy tyrants.  They have to be cute so that we'll continue to love them. 

Nature is an evil genius. 


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Debbie R said...

I had to read your blog...which I do sometimes anyway...they are well written and entertaining...but this one was titled "Babies"...:)