Friday, April 15, 2011

Day Thirtyeight: Distraction!

Today I am sitting on the floor next to the bed in a semi-secluded computer writing cave because I'm having trouble thinking about what to write.  John's on the bed watching Harry Potter which is majorly distracting when trying to think clearly.  It's like I'm trying to grasp for thoughts but they quickly slip away in a matter of seconds by the flashing imagines and captivating storyline on the "TV" (its actually a big computer screen).  This just proves that it's a FANTASTIC idea (intense sarcasm) to mix my less than stellar attention span with outside stimulation. 

Having said that, I realized something about Harry Potter today.  The movies don't really work for me.  I think its just too hard to mix the humorous narration of J.K. Rowling with the seriousness of the story into a pleasing combination.  I guess I enjoy watching them to see how they portrayed the story, but I'm not sure they really work.  I may be biased.  I do love to read.  It seems to be a dying pass-time. 

I think that'll be it for tonight.  My short attention span is kicking in and Ron's chocking on something.  It's hard to concentrate when people are chocking in the room, real or fictional. 


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