Friday, April 8, 2011

Day Thirtyone: The Thrilling Conclusion

So, Kris was not very happy with Brandon's extreme form of blasphemy and presented him with a strongly worded finger-point.  It is my belief that she contains magical powers in her finger, at least she thinks she does because every heated and non-heated argument involves excessive amounts of finger pointing and the occasional sigh. 

In this case, the finger point did wield magical powers because it caused Brandon to end up with his mind, and indeed his entire body, in the gutter. 

Brandon withering after the ominous finger point

His brain then snapped and he thought he had turned into the infamous Chupacabra and huddled animal like in front of the school sign. 

This is the sign that lets people know that they are, in fact, heading into the area of the College of Greenville and not some other college that inspires blasphemous hooliganery.   That's not a word.  I just made it up, but I think it will catch on. 

So, after Brandon regained his sanity (not very difficult because I made up his insanity) we continued our tour around campus.  It was basically a circle around the sidewalk.  I think at one point we ended up in the music building for some reason.  Brandon showed off his piano skills. 

Also I ended up sitting down on the sidewalk because Kris and Brandon weren't listening to me when I was trying to talk.  That was a completely different occasion, but it was amusing so I thought I'd mention it.  They were deliberately ignoring me and I was not happy about it so I made a frustrated noise and then just sat down in the middle of the sidewalk.  Kris thought it was funny.  She's a jerk. 

So, that concludes our back to school adventure (spliced with some other random happening). 


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