Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Day Thirtyfive: Nephew

This is pictorial evidence of shaggy haired Austin trying to hack into my computer and steal all my secret files.  As far as little boys go, he's definitely the most curious and shamelessly invasive character you will ever meet.  He would often sneak into my room with his adorable little boy act asking cute questions like "what are you doing?" and "can I play with you?" but the second you let your guard down, he's playing with the 3 dollar Elmo underneath the night stand.  Sure it might be a toy that my parents bought just for him so that he would have something to play with when he came upstairs, but before you know it he's also playing with my little stuffed animals that are like family members to me and even though I warn him not to leave the room with them, they somehow end up underneath the couch cushions downstairs. 

During this particular incident, no amount of red stuffed animals could distract him from the shiniest toy in the room, my laptop.  The second he walked into the room, he just had to figure out what it could do.  I'm pretty sure he just ended up moving the cursor around which was followed by a bunch of penguins on the personalized Google homepage, but I'm confident that given a couple more years, he could come up with some real mischievous mischief to accomplish on that computer.  He's halfway to those couple years now because this picture was taken almost a year ago.  When that day comes, we should all be afraid.  Very afraid. 


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