Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Day Fourtythree: I'm Infectious

Recently I set up a blog for John.  He was inspired by me writing everyday and decided that it would be super awesome if he started a movie blog to write about movies because that's what he knows best.  I set it up about a week ago.  He finally wrote in it today. 

We had made a plan to go to Dimple's earlier today, so I was getting ready while he finished watching Resident Evil.  When I was finished and he was finished and I was ready to go, I offhandedly suggested that he blog about it because he was bitching about how much the movie sucked.  So he did.  Right away.  I tried to wait patiently while he was writing (passing some minor judgments on his grammar now and then to which he responded "I'm not finished!  Go away!"). 

When he had finally finished writing and going over every detail, he noticed what I had written in his bio section.  They were somewhat biased complementary things that he would probably never say about himself and that he ended up changing before he made his post.  That made me kind of sad.  I said some pretty nice things about him that no one will ever know about now.  I then proof read his writing and he posted it.  If you want to read it and you're not friends with him already on facebook, his post is here

He told me while he was writing it that I couldn't write my blog post about his blog post because that was cheating.  Then after we got back from Dimple and I was trying to think of something to write about, he suddenly contracted a case of amnesia and told me to write about his blog.  So I did.  

I'm super excited.  We're watching Bill and Ted now.  Maybe he'll write about that next. 


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