Friday, April 1, 2011

Day Twentyfour: Identity Theft

This is totally Angela Faith Swensson talking here. Welcome to the twenty-fourth day of my lent blog and today i want to talk to you about the most amazing thing that has come into my life ever, so far. Its name is Pluffy. John bought this white stuff for his project and... wait, I have already talked about this... Uum. So, something new? Lets see... OOH!!! John and I have decided to go to Sequoia for the summer!! If you haven't known for the last few years i have been going to Sequoia and working in the store. It is one of the most amazing experiences of my life and now i get to share it with John. Wait! Not only John, But Kris is also going too!! The three of us are going to take Sequoia by storm and it will never be the same again.

The above text is John's impression of me writing my blog for today.  After expressing my reluctance to sit down at my computer and type something out for today, he offered to do it for me and that is what he came up with.  Everything within the paragraph is true (except of course the part where he claims to be me and lists my full name making it much easier for random internet strangers to steal my identity).  However it doesn't take long to spot the obviously impersonation if you notice his gross overuse of exclamation marks, the blatant refusal to capitalize his I's (probably because his main form of communication is texting which corrects that automatically), and his unwillingness to proof read.   Having said that, I do appreciate the effort.  It was sweet of him to want to write my blog for me despite the futile-ness of anyone ever believing it. 

While he was writing it, he refused to let me see and sent me away to play with my slinky.  I would say I didn't have to be told twice, but I was enjoying making things difficult for him so he actually did have to tell me a few extra times to go away. 


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