Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Day Twentyeight: Green Light

Sara -noun: most awesome person alive
I'd like to introduce you to the most awesome people alive and one of my personal hero's, Sara Miller.  Now, Sara Miller did not come by this title lightly, I assure you.  She earned this title after an incident of epic heroic defiance.  It has become known in Sara Miller folklore as "The Green Light Incident".  *disclaimer: due to the large quantity time between the writing of this blog and the Green Light Incident, some of the minor/ major details may be somewhat less then accurate* 

It all began on a nice sunny day in Greenville, Illinois.  I was hanging out, probably outside, in my place of residence, Hoiles House.  Sara Miller came to the house after a busy day of doing Sara Miller things to tell me a story about something she had just done that made me proud to occupy some of the same living space as someone as brave as Sara Miller.  Here is what happened approximately exactly as she described it. 

Sara Miller at this time was an art student.  She always looked the part of an art student to me with her curly red hair, white t-shirt, and black shorts.  I suppose that was more of her running outfit, but some reason that always said "art student" to me.  Anyway, she was a senior preparing for an art show of her very own.  She had just been on a trip where artists had used different colored light to enhance the quality of their paintings.  Sara felt inspired by these artists.  She wanted to create this effect in her own studio.  Being a somewhat considerate human being, she presented her art teacher with the idea to paint her light so that she might create such an effect.  He said no.  He didn't explain why.  He didn't give her any practical reasons she should not do this.  He just said no.

Now, Sara Miller is an artist.  This man, being an art teacher, really should have known better.  It is in the spirit of an artist to rebel against tyranny.  They don't like to be constrained by rules, especially ones that don't even bother to explain themselves.  So Sara Miller did what any committed art student would do; she painted the light.

After she had explained what had happened to me, she suggested that we go see the light that I might understand the full awesomeness of her defiance.  Also there was a chance of confrontation with the art teacher which had not yet happened.  This is what makes Sara Miller so brave in my eyes because I was afraid to even witness a confrontation between her and the art teacher, but she was ready to go right into the heart of enemy territory and own up to what she had done.

By the time we got down to the art studio, the light had already been taken down and the art teacher was "not very happy with Sara" at all.  Now, I can understand the art teachers side.  He had made a mistake in not explaining why she should not paint the light (the paint wouldn't come off, it had to be replaced) but the damage had already been done.  Why not let her enjoy her light for a while?  It truly blows my mind how a teacher, an ART teacher no less, could be so controlling.  I hope he learned his lesson. 

So, Sara was in hot water, but she was and forever remains, my hero.  Her act of rebellion really speaks to the stubborn streak in my soul.  It was a classic example of defying authority and I'm so happy that I was there to witness at least part of it. 

Thank you, Sara Miller, for being awesome.


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reddy said...

Oh Angela :) :)

The fact that you are always so staunchly "in my corner" always brightens my day.I am glad that there is always someone who finds my misadventures to be entertaining.