Monday, April 18, 2011

Day Fourtyone: Lent's not over

Well it turns out lent is longer than 40 days.  Leave it to the Catholics to take a specific number like 40 and say it doesn't actually mean 40 days; it means 46 days.  Now I'm not entirely certain that this Lenten tradition started in the Catholic church, but they're the oldest of the Christian faith traditions (excluding Orthodox who, lets face it, are irrelevant no offense) so I'm blaming this whole incorrect number debacle on them. 

So today I've been living in what I can only describe as the twilight-zoneness of the 41st day of lent.  Because it was day 41, John and I went out to ice cream.  For those who aren't aware, John gave up take-out food/ eating out for lent which means I essentially gave it up to even though I never made an actual commitment.  My job has been to keep him away from take out food which has been loads of fun.  However, we decided that since 40 days doesn't actually mean 40 days, then not eating out doesn't actually mean not eating ice cream on this, the 41st day of lent.  It is cheating somewhat, but we felt the need to make a point to the Catholics.  I'm confident they got the message. 

I actually realized a few weeks ago that day 40 was coming sooner than Easter so I've been prepared for a while now.  This is just the first year I knew lent is longer than 40 days because its the only year I've been keeping meticulous track of each day by posting a blog.  Not only does blogger tell me how many blogs I have posted so far, I have also been self numbering each one with the alphabetic representation of each number.  

If anyone is curious as to why there are 46 days in the "40 days of lent", it's because lent is a time of repentance and all good Christians were required to do that on every Sunday anyway so they don't count those as part of the 40 days.  Also they knew I would one day figure all this out and wanted to give me an opportunity to rag on the Catholics.  They are one of the most fun groups to rag on in general.  Outside of groups, there's only one person I enjoy ragging on more and that is my father.  He also happens to be Catholic.  I doubt very much that this is a coincidence. 

I actually do like Catholics.  I'm not just saying that so that I won't be smited by the pope.  Okay, maybe a little bit.  That dude's scary. 


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