Monday, April 25, 2011

My Brain Trust

After my Easter break from blogging everyday, I decided I wanted to post.  Note the transfer of power in that statement.  I decided to post, which means I now have the freedom not to.  However, after posting everyday for 46 days straight, I feel the desire to continue.  This just goes to further prove my belief that discipline builds character because it turns obligations into fun pass-times. 

So, after I decided to post, I gathered together my brain trust. 

My Brain Trust

After a heated discussion, they decided (like all selfish stuffed animals) that I should write about them and their impromptu meeting. 

It started like any other meeting.  I picked each one of them off of my shelf and gave them each a quick dusting.  Thief (the pink lamb) lamented being pulled away from his precious two-face coin and frog shaped stone.  I put him in charge on protecting them but, him being a thief and all, I'm pretty sure he's claimed them for himself.  I then pulled Garfield from a lower shelf and arranged them in a nice little circle. 

It was around this time that John walked back into the room and wondered aloud "what the hell I was doing".  I explained that this was my brain trust but didn't say what I needed it for.  He then gave me a look that said "you're fucking crazy but I'm not the least bit surprised". 

I just wish I had the rest of my brain trust with me.  Their circle would occupy the entire bed and with that kind of stuffed-animal-man-power at my disposal, no one would even dare think about calling me crazy, even with their eyes. 

So now that we've conquered this post, my brain trust and I are going to solve some serious problems like world peace, or teen pregnancy, or what to eat because I'm hungry. 


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