Monday, April 4, 2011

Day Twentyseven: Back to the Gullies

I'd like to rewind a little bit on the trip that Kris and I took through the Gullies.  The following took place before we stumbled upon the tiny insane asylum but still after I convinced Kris that the Gullies was not full of spiders longing for the day a 22 year old college student crossed the border into their lands so they could begin their lifelong vendetta against her.  I had just spent hours filling her head with images of pure joy (minus cake because she would never go for that) so that she might pass into the sacred space of Hoiles Wasteland. 

So, after almost a year and a half, Kris finally entered the "Gardens" (sign pictured on the left in case you forgot what this particular sign looks like and lack the capacity/ willingness to refer to yesterday's post).  The journey was fairly pleasant, despite the complete lack of greenery.  Shortly after entering the Gullies we came to a large clearing. 

It is in this clearing that much of the nefarious naked pagan worship by delinquent college students took place.  Since it was beyond the boundaries of the college, and thus the lifestyle statement, the rules did not apply here.  Or perhaps they just couldn't be seen breaking them.  Or maybe they were just roasting marshmallows.  The sources on this information is widely varied and completely unreliable.  However, that does not prevent me from repeating these malicious marshmallow orgy rumors on the internet.  So we continued past the hedonistic circle and made our way deeper into the Jungle.  

We came across a wooden bridge/ path most likely used as a comfortable spot for illicit sex acts or perhaps hopscotch tournaments.  We continued to follow this path until we stumbled upon what is quite possibly the most bad-ass thing known to man. 

A GIANT RUSTED DRILL (pictured here in the picture setting 'x-large' to convey the full and pure awesome largeness of this sweet, bad-ass looking equipment).  We decided to inspect this amazing discovery up close.  

Kris giving the 'all clear' for further inspection

So we closely inspected the drill and found it to be just as creepy and awesome and awesomely creepy as it had looked at first glance.  I then decided I needed my picture taken next to something so famous.  

Incidentally, it is this exact picture that made me realize I needed to stop dying my hair black.  It looked so awful that I couldn't stand the chance that a picture like this would happen again. 

So, after the drill was thoroughly inspected and photographed, we moved on the the insane asylum.  It didn't seem quite so cool after this drill, which is why I chose to write about it first so that it would not be overshadowed.  Or perhaps it was dumb luck.  Either way it worked out for the best.  


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