Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Day Twentynine: George

This is George.  This adorable piece of cuteness and fluff showed up at Hoiles House in the spring of 2009 begging for food and love.  Being young college girls, we fed him, loved him, and named him.  He never left.  He became the Hoiles house cat (that wasn't allowed in the house because of dorm rules).  Liz even started buying him cat food and putting it out for him so he had a steady supply of meals. 

There were quite a few stray cats around campus.  There was an orange cat known to practically the whole campus that was most widely referred to as "Voldemort".  I'm not really sure how he got that name but they wrote an article about him in the campus newspaper.  There was also a black cat that showed up on our porch that was younger and more traditionally cute than George that fought our kitty for dominance of Hoiles residence.  He didn't win.  I'm sure he got named, but his appearance at Hoiles House was so brief, I have no recollection of what it was. 

Of course, there became a problem with George.  Almost everyone in the house had become very attached to him and felt a need in ensure our kitty's well being.  However, summer was fast approaching, and many of us would soon graduate or, at the very least, be gone for an entire summer unable to look after George.  Luckily, there was one among us who had just enough room in her household for this adorable kitty.  One of our housemates, also named Angela, took George home on her way out of Greenville.  He is currently being loved and cared for in a more permanent setting. 

There's not really a moral to this blog post.  I just love cats.  Apparently all Angela's do. 


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