Saturday, April 9, 2011

Day Thirtytwo: Cake

Photo design compliments of John Goodin
Cake is a magical substance.  It is so awesome that I decided it was necessary to have a photo-shoot to display its wondrous beauty.  As soon I began setting up to take pictures, I acquired the design talents of one John Goodin.  He suggested that instead of photographing just one cupcake to use as an example for all cake, I should arrange the entire box of cupcakes into a heart.  He then proceeded to try and eat one of the cupcakes before I took any pictures.  I slapped his hand away and told him he could have one when I was finished because I might need all of them (and I did).  He then patiently eyeballed the cupcakes while I took my sweet time photographing them. 

I took great care in making sure the lighting was just perfect for the photographing of cupcakes, but every time I thought I had improved upon the conditions of the picture, it only turned out worse.  I ended up using the first one I took.  John then decided it was time to claim his reward. 

John claiming his reward

John eating his reward

The quality of this particular picture might have been significantly improved if he had only been patient enough to pose until I obtained a non-blurry picture, but unfortunately he was not willing to wait any longer.  He decided that particular cupcake had seen enough of the light of day and was to now take up residence within his stomach. 

Admittedly, this was a lot of effort to go through for cake, but I believe it to be a worthy cause.  The awesomeness of cake should be shared with the world or, in this case, dangled in front of the world's face in picture form without providing any substantive taste related results.  I apologize for what I can only imagine to be insufferable agony.  The cake was delicious.  Mmmmmm. 

If you think I'm being heartless, let me assure that it was not my idea to write about cake.  Sara Miller suggested that I write about food because it would make her happy.  It is my only concern to appease others, so I obliged.  Eating cake was just an added bonus. 

Mmmmmm, Cake. 


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