Sunday, April 3, 2011

Day Twentysix: "Gardens"

As promised, here again is the picture of the loony bin in the depths of the Gullies aka "Hoiles Gardens".  I'm not sure why it is so named because, while it is definitely behind the house of Hoiles, I'm not sure in what sense it is considered a "Garden".  I think it should be renamed "Hoiles Jungle" or perhaps "Hoiles area of periodic greenery" because during the time of year that this picture was taken it looked more like "Hoiles hilly land of dead trees."

Regardless of its official title, we stumbled upon this strange looking building during a tour of Hoiles Jungle/ Forest/ Wasteland.  It is a creepy looking building to be sure and upon further inspection, it proved to be even creepier than we could have possibly imagined.  Perhaps you can imagine the creepiness that lurks within, but I had just finished convincing Kris that the Gullies was full of nothing but sunshine and kittens because she had refused to go in for fear of pissing off the spiders and causing them to seek revenge upon her in her sleep.  So, our collective imagination was expecting only good things since I had worked so hard to convince her to join me on a pleasant fuzzy-kitten-joy-filled stroll through the Gullies. However, this is what we found...

So I convinced Kris to walk inside...


Just kidding.... there was no actual lock on the door.  I guess they figure insane people are too crazy to work a doorknob.  I mean, they have so much more important things to do than opening doors.  They probably spent hours trying to walk through the wall or materialize themselves through the creepy looking window to even bother looking for the door in that tiny half-room building.

Here's one of them trying to walk through the corner of the building now.... or maybe that's me being punished for trying to lock Kris away even though she could get out.

Oh, and here's proof that this is a real place and I wasn't lying.

So that was just one of the discoveries we made on our first Gullies adventure.  The spiders did not seek revenge on Kris so I'm happy to say that she is still alive today. 

Speaking of Kris, she sent me this text message today...


She then proceeded to send me this on facebook.... have yet to post a blogpost for today. I am being a good friend and reminding you. I have painstakingly filled my limit for characters in a text to you. Every single letter was an O except for 6 letters. Those six are privilaged. 160 characters, most of which are O's reminding you to write your BLOGPOST. Please don't disappoint the 160 letters.
So, I'm glad the vicious spiders decided to spare her life or else she wouldn't be around to encourage me to write my blog.  

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